Tasty Transformations Refresh

Are you ready to refresh your body, mind and spirit?  Perhaps you’ve over indulged a little too much or you’re just feeling sluggish or not yourself.  You are ready to shift gears and start a program where you’ll be guided and supported to make healthy choices and return to wholeness!

You’ve come to the right place!  Register now for Tasty Transformations Foundation Refresh Program.  This 7 day clean eating and cleanse program has been designed to help you:

·      Eliminate toxins from your body

·      Reduce cravings

·      Reset metabolism, which may help you lose weight

·      Lower stress

·      Awaken your taste buds

·      Clear your complexion

·      Improve digestion

·      Feel more centered and connected

·      Increase clarity

·      Discover new foods and seasonal recipes you’ll love

·      Increase energy

·      Have more enjoyment in your life

·      Find a greater sense of peace


By eliminating the ingredients most responsible for allergies and inflammation and adding in wholesome, nutritious foods, we give our systems a break and a chance to find out what works best for us as individuals.

During the seven day cleanse you will be guided toward healthy practices and will enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as clean protein sources that are right for you.  Upon registration, you will first receive a confirmation email. 

Prior to the start date you will receive:

·      a guide with seasonal recipes

·      meal plans

·      shopping lists

·      daily self-care instructions

You will be automatically sent a link with all you need to begin your delicious program.

You will be supported every step of the way through a private Facebook group as well as email access to Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and creator, Samara Tricarico.  Your success and enjoyment in your program is of utmost importance. 

You are also encouraged to seek self-care opportunities during this time, such as Yoga or massage so please consider booking in advance so it’s set for your cleanse week. 

This is not a fast or a time where you will be left hungry or feel unsatisfied.  This is not a time for starvation or deprivation.  Instead, this is a time to slow down, connect with your inner self and reap the bounty of the season in a healthful way!

Give yourself the gift of clean eating, a chance to reconnect with yourself and time to renew and recharge for the season.  You will be welcomed with a warm heart and loving kindness.


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