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"It has been a joy for me to cleanse with all of you this week. Samara…YOU ROCK! Your hands-on guidance and inspiration made it work for me. All of you posting your pics made it very special and made me step up my game. I also shifted my attitude on some foods/ingredients that I have been dodging for quite a while - I have been anti-pumpkin (but only for 20 years) and the pumpkin soup truly became my staple. Adding black beans changed my life!!! Now the key is to keep integrating these recipes into my life at home and on the road - let's make a commitment to keep this awareness flowing in our lives. "

David Ji
Radio Personality, Hayhouse Radio.

"I am sad my cleanse ends today- I had an amazing experience- next time definitely 5 days ( I need to get a juicer!). Thanks to everyone who posted and shared- and Thank You Samara for being an inspiring teacher!
Blessings to you all on the rest if your journeys.....💚"

Theresa Bergren

"I can't believe our 7 day journey is coming to a close! I am so grateful for each and everyone one of you! I definitely felt moments of weakness midway through, and I don't think I would of done it without all your support and inspiration, thank you!! Samara Houston Tricarico , thank you so much for introducing me to some amazing recipes, helping me create some new healthy habits and for being such an amazing leader!!!!! I'm so excited to continue this amazing journey!!😘"

Joyce Neilson

"Thanks Samara for an amazing cleansing program! I loved waking up every morning to your welcoming daily message with a different theme to focus on and reinforce the cleansing. I wish I could have followed your recipes more strictly but even with limitations it was a great experience and I feel a lot lighter and healthier. I am already looking forward to the next one!"

Venesa Erlij Wittenberg

"I would just like to thank Samara for the amazing support she has given everyone. I myself wasn't able to fully take on the cleanse for various reasons (not kitchen for half the week being part of it) but with Samaras help was able to make some healthy changes and I am adopting those new changes as part of our year round eating style in baby steps and we have seen many benefits already. Samaras attention to detail, patience, understanding and support and great taste in food is one marvelous combination that is going to continue to make Tasty Transformations a huge success for an unlimited number of people. Keep up the great work!"

Joanne Lupson

"I am so grateful for this opportunity to cleanse with you all!! It has been a fantastic and challenging week and I have learned so much! This morning I didn't want to stop cleansing. Maybe this is a silly question but is it okay and even healthy to continue doing the morning ritual of the tongue cleaning, warm lemon water with cayenne, oil pulling and then breakfast? It makes me feel SOOOO GREAT!!! I am pretty sure that the warm water with lemon and cayenne has been a game changer for me! I have never in life been able to breathe so full and deeply. I feel like my chest has opened up somehow. It is awesome! Also, I'm pretty sure I have concluded my suspicion that dairy is not a good thing for me. Is is possible that dairy consumption would result in little bumps on my skin? And that when dairy is not in my diet the little bumps nearly go away?? Thank you Samara Houston Tricarico for being such a fantastic coach and so incredible insightful and uplifting in your daily emails to us about what we may be experiencing. Thank you David Ji for letting me know about this fantastic opportunity to cleanse and take an awesome step forward in improving my health!"

Erica Singler

"I loved all the insight into whole foods - and new recipes - that I now crave - I loved the practice of being mindful of the moment and what I ate - it was amazing!!!!"

Jill K

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